Best 30 Tips and Tricks for sublimation Printing -2022

Best 30 Tips and Tricks for sublimation Printing -2022

by atif latif
  1. Record everything. Maintain a journal containing every detail of your job transfer, including the settings of the computer, printer, and heat press. Take any error prompts from your equipment, substrates problems, or crucial on-screen software configurations using your smartphone


  1. Max out your computer memory (RAM). Each update of MAC OS or Windows consumes more RAM. You will somewhat need 8 GB or at least ensure there is enough room for expansion in the future.
  2. Backup your computer.Backup all works of art and crucial files using an external USB hard drive and cloud storage. This provides an excellent guarantee in case of fire, burglary, or virus attack.
  3. What sublimation printer should you choose? Purchase one with a warranty and which supports sublimation printing. Ensure that getting an ICC profile.
  4. Which heat press should you buy? We recommend you purchase a heat press made in the USA to guarantee many service years with excellent support. Generally, the choice of a model relies on your level of production and the substrate size you will be producing.
  5. Heat press accessories. A rubber pad conducting heat is mandatory for products like SubliSlate and ornaments of porcelain. A kit for vapor form assists in preventing ugly exchange creases and marks on linen. Nomex pads assist in reducing the time for pressing ceramic tiles. 7. Fabricating metal. Use an accessory for building metals, for instance, a shear, corner cutter, or roller to make custom metal products that will attract your clients.


  1. Sublimation inks. Always use brand name inks to ensure consistency in each batch. Do not use expired ink.
  2. Sublimation paper. The quality paper gives clarity of the image and hues on hard surfaces. High-release paper is made to transfer more sublimation ink in the process of transfer on soft (thirsty) surfaces such as T-shirts, towels, tote bags, and mouse pads.
  3. Quality substrates. Not everyone offers the same quality substrates so do some research before choosing a lower price.
  4. Evil Teflon. Unless our instructions recommend, do not use Teflon, because it attracts moisture and will most probably conduct sublimation ink to the next surface, unless there is proper cleaning.
  5. Protective cover paper. Unless instructed otherwise, always use uncoated white butcher paper at the top and beneath your sublimation sandwich. The paper offers protection to your heat plate, underpad, and substrate from ink and various particles.
  6. Wall of shame. Prominently display production mistakes on a wall close to a heat press. The wall of shame will be a reminder for you not to commit the same error.
  7. Test kits. Buy less costly test kits and polyester fabric samples to learn a technique or to test a method before performing it on an actual substrate.
  8. Horizontal banding on your prints. If you notice running lines over your prints, that’s horizontal banding. These are the possible causes: (1) an incomplete checking of the nozzle; (2) wrong driver settings; (3) misaligned printer; (4) failure of the computer to send information quickly enough; or (5) wheel of the encoder needs cleaning.
  9. Perform the black test. During the process of heating, black color sublimes last. You are good to go if you get great black. If you do not, adjust the time of your press and temperature until you achieve the appropriate color.
  10. Clean swipe! Use lint-free fabric to clear dust and debris from items before pressing.
  11. Customized stuff. Providing a unique or customized substrate can assist in increasing conversions because everyone loves personalized 'items.' It is enjoyable and develops a heightened sense of ownership.


  1. Design in RGB for the best results. Although these printers use CMYK ink, the drivers and ink sets have the optimization for the larger RGB color gamut. When developing new work of art, ensure using the RGB color palette.
  2. Image resolution. When sublimating onto hard surfaces, images should be at least 200 dpi (at print size) to have sharp look. You get imperfect and often unacceptable prints from 72 dpi web graphics.
  3. Learn to use the color replacement wizard in CorelDRAW. The replace wizard in CorelDRAW can convert all the color spots used in graphics (Pantone, CMYK, etc.) to printing in RGB.
  4. Great color is the name of the game. Everyone wants precise and brilliant colors. To get this, you will want a good printer, ink, paper, ICC profile, and the right printer settings. 
  5. What design software should you use? We suggest that you use the software that you know. Even though many sublimation experts use Adobe Photoshop or CorelDRAW, a lot of beginners in sublimation use Silhouette that works well too. For people that don't have or don't know the use of this software, we suggest CreativeStudio. CreativeStudio is a designer based on cloud and has Corel-like features that come with buying Sawgrass Virtuoso printers.


  1. Do not let your thoughts bar you from earning cash. Only because you don’t prefer a certain product that does not mean that your customers won’t purchase it. Allow them to choose from.
  2. Show off what you have done. You will not sell if your clients have no information that you offer it. Take pictures of each of your products, with the permission of the owner, upload it on Facebook or Instagram.
  3. Always sell and boost the items.  If the client purchases a coaster, give a discount if the same client buys a mouse pad.
  4. Go mobile. Consider setting up mobile sublimation events to gain from special occasions such as car and pet shows and all kinds of sporting events.
  5. Sell name badges. The most favorable product, badge names, are sold at once and then reordered each time. Institutions, enterprises, and churches always want conventional or slotted name badges, and benefits are enormous.
  6. Never leave cash on the table. Price your items for their symbolic value. 
  7. Lagniappe. Always find ways of exceeding customer expectations. Consider having more samples.



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sublimation printing innosub usa

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