Sublimation Wireless Charger - The New Wave of Wireless Charging

Sublimation Wireless Charger - The New Wave of Wireless Charging

by Eyal Mizrahi
Wireless charging has been around since the early days of mobile technology, but it was not always as popular as it is now.
Back then, you could only charge your device using a particular charging station, and you could not move your phone once it was placed on the station.
The future of wireless charging is headed in another direction, with some manufacturers integrating wireless charging directly into their devices, so no station is needed.
Sublimation Chargers are also the best way to show your style and personality while recharging your phone at the same time.
Customize your chargers by choosing your favorite photos, designs, or logos with sublimation printing to make them genuinely one-of-a-kind devices no one else will ever have!
In this article, we will examine the Sublimation Wireless Charger – how they work and how they might change the future of wireless charging forever.

What is a Wireless Charger?

Wireless charging is not wireless. It involves placing a device (wirelessly) on a pad or mat that, through induction, transfers energy from pad to device and makes it possible for your phone to charge without needing a physical connection.
These devices often use electromagnetic induction to generate an alternating current in a primary coil within a transmitter, which creates a varying magnetic field.
This induces an alternating current in any nearby receiver coils, which can then be used to power an electric device like your mobile phone.
A typical charging pad works with two components: A base station connected to AC power and a separate transmitter plugged into USB power. You place your phone on a stand with built-in coils to charge wirelessly. When you do so, both components create a magnetic field between them.
When appropriately placed over these two components, your smartphone receives enough energy from these two sources—the AC outlet via its base station and the USB port via its charger—to begin charging wirelessly as if it were plugged into an outlet itself.
Custom designing and printing will create a unique charger for you that nobody else in the world has.
You can print your design, such as a picture of your dog or a favorite vacation spot or choose from one of our designs.
Printing on chargers is also great for showing off your personality and style. Make your charger stand out by choosing colors that match your mood or creating a custom design featuring whatever inspires you most!
Another advantage of inductive charging is that it does not require physical contact with devices; therefore, there is less risk of damage due to wear and tear or corrosion over time than wired solutions.

What are the Benefits of Wireless Charging?

An obvious benefit of wireless charging is convenience. No need to mess around with a cable or plug; drop your device on a wireless charger and walk away.
This also offers more flexibility regarding where to place your device, as you no longer must ensure it is near a power source (or even in range).
And since most modern devices support some wireless charging, it is not going to be long before multiple devices compete for space on your desk or office. In addition to convenience and flexibility, wireless charging has an aesthetic appeal as it will not leave unsightly cables hanging from your desk/coffee table/nightstand.
If you want to show off your new smartphone or smartwatch, a good-looking wireless charger will help get that message across.
Finally, there is less risk of damage associated with using a wireless charger. Since there are not any exposed wires, there is not much chance that something could snag and rip out your USB port or cause other physical damage.

What Features Do Sublimation Chargers Have?

A sublimation wireless charger has a lot to offer, but a few features differentiate them from its inductive counterparts. For one thing, they are capable of charging multiple devices at once.
In addition to phones, many models can handle tablets and portable gaming systems like Nintendo DS/DSi and PlayStation Vita.
Moreover, these devices feature faster charging times than other wireless chargers. Most models take about three hours to charge a device fully.
Also, Custom designing and printing your chargers can be the best way for you to show off your personality, style, school colors or favorite team.
The Sublimation chargers allow for endless possibilities of what you want on your charger that is personalized just for you.
You can have anything from your name to a logo or a picture printed onto the charger!

Where Can I Get a Sublimation Wireless Charger?

You can get a wireless charging pad in several places, but Inno Sub can be your best option. It is affordable, provides up to 10W fast-charging capabilities, and is compatible with all devices.
Plus, its simple design makes it easy to use and clean. All you need to do is place your phone on top and watch as your battery gets recharged! It is that simple!
Create your personalized wireless charger with this plain space. It can be imprinted with anything, be it a logo, a photo, or a saying, and you get a personalized touch and colorful, life changing.
A 10W blank sublimation wireless charger pad supports fast charging without overheating, overcharging, or overvoltage problems.
You can charge your device as fast as possible without interruptions or delays.
If you are interested in buying one for yourself or as a gift for someone else, head to our website today!

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