Tumble Your Way to a Terrific Business!

Tumble Your Way to a Terrific Business!

by guy navon

Tumble Your Way to a Terrific Business!

One of the hottest sellers on the sublimation printing market is DIY Tumblers and there is a reason for that! Not only are they long-lasting but they are also dishwasher-safe! At Blank For Sublimation, we want to help you grow your sublimation tumbler printing business and help you watch the money tumble into your bank account! Pardon the pun!

Benefits of Sublimation Tumbler Printing!

Yes, we’ve seen it! A couple of years ago everyone and their mother were creating custom tumblers using their Cricut and some even had glitter. It was a great idea but it had one problem. These vinyl embossed tumblers were not durable! One ride in the dishwasher and all of the vinyl and glitter came right off! Let’s face it, even if you’re careful, your kids may not be!

This is why many people who were currently buying plain tumblers are now purchasing sublimation tumbler blanks. Not only are they long-lasting but they also have the ability to have the glitter look using graphic design programs such as Canva, but without glitter sprinkled around your home like fairy dust!

What is a Sublimation Printing Tumbler Blank?

Like our other products, it is a blank canvas for you to become an artist on through graphic design software and a sublimation printer that is designed for round objects! Created with a special material that accepts the sublimation printing ink and embeds it in the product! A sublimation tumbler blank is the perfect way to create a long-lasting tumbler that’s got great designs!

Even better, using this process is a great way to reduce your margin of error! Human error, that is! Anyone who’s ever tried to affix vinyl to a round object will be sure to tell you that it isn’t an easy feat. Lining it up and getting it straight is a huge problem when it comes to vinyl embellished tumblers. This is why sublimation printing for tumblers is the only way to go when it comes to putting some bling into your favorite beverage holder!

Bring On the Bucks!

Another great feature of turning your tumblers from blah to bling is that customer happiness is always increased. Let’s face it. Reviews can either kill or create your business. With the sublimation printing process, you are far likely to have happier customers! People don’t like items that don’t last. That’s just a fact of life. With sublimation tumbler blanks, you have the ability to create a perfectly aligned tumbler that will be sure to last for many years to come!

Let us help you take your business to the next level through your purchase of our sublimation tumbler blanks at Blank for Sublimation! You’ll be glad you did! So will your clientele base!



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