Your New Business is Calling You!

Your New Business is Calling You!

by guy navon

Your New Business is Calling You!

At Blank for Sublimation, we take pride in the fact that we not only provide the best in sublimation printing blanks but also that we are an avenue for entrepreneurs to start a new business endeavor! Although we are branching out to more and more products, our core business started with sublimation printing cell phone cases!

In today’s world, everyone has a cell phone. Also, everyone has lost their phone at least once or picked up the wrong cell phone due to boring cell phone cases or no case at all! Sublimation printing not only helps defeat the problem of grabbing the wrong cell phone or not being able to find your phone in the car, it also allows you to offer a unique cell phone case that your customers will be sure to fall in love with!

You’ll Be Getting On The Horn to Brag About Your Success!

One of the most purchased items on the internet are cell phone cases! Consumers finally got fed up with paying $30 or more for a piece of plastic whenever they stepped into the cell phone store. This is why sublimation printing for cell phone cases is so popular! Not only can you offer amazing designs, but you can also offer your clientele a high-quality phone case at a fraction of the price that they charge most everywhere else!

Likewise, you can also offer custom cell phone cases! This is really where the money is at as well! From custom pet portraits on your phone case to a wedding photo to even just someone’s name, custom phone cases are all the rage and we don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon!

Dial Your Way to Dollars!

One of the benefits that we pride ourselves on at Blank for Sublimation is our affordable pricing! We understand that entrepreneurs are making a huge investment into their business! This is why we price our sublimation printing blanks affordably so that you can actually make a profit between your material costs and time and energy!

Sure, you can charge whatever you want for your sublimation printing items. However, Coco Chanel didn’t start off charging top dollar and neither should you! Blank for Sublimation will help you build your reputation while you are in the beginning stages of your business endeavor and then the rest is up to you! We honestly hope that your business goes over the moon and that you will be our customer for many years and many sublimation printing blank purchases to come!


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