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Sublimation is one of those crafts that you can just do about anything with. As long as your mind stays creative there isn’t anything craft-wise that can't be sublimated. With sublimation blanks, there is always a new project that can be created. Sublimation blanks come in so many shapes and size for you to choose from. For keychains sublimation, blanks can be round, circle square, heart-shaped, and even rectangle. When dealing with blanks for sublimation never limit the possibilities of what can or can not be made. As long as the product has a blank on it with sublimation the image can be transferred into a sublimation product.

With Innosub USA they have you covered for a wide collection of sublimation blanks and so much more. From keychains to phone cases to even AirPods cases for generation one and two and for the pros as well. Innosub USA keeps up with trending products that are being produced into the sublimation world. If you want to ask about a certain item you can email them for a response or even contact their 24/7 technical support that is located on the Innosub USA website. There you can feel free to ask questions concerning sublimation blanks, order questions, and more.

With Innosub Usa sublimation blanks and so many other options you also have access to free resources to go along with your sublimation blanks. You receive information concerning your press machine, a product template for measurements, and even look at a free starter kit ebook for beginners that are working with sublimation as well. This ebook, it fills you in with the knowledge you need to have concerning sublimation and sublimation blanks, and more. Have no hassle or worries when you are tackling those sublimation blanks. Allow the starter kit ebook from Innosub USA to guide you and help you from taking your sublimation skills to being a beginner and transferring you into a pro!

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