Sublimation Blank Adjustable Dog Collar Product...
Sublimation Blank Adjustable Dog Collar Product FeaturesQuick-lock and unlock featureMade of PolyesterNickel-free D-ring Colar Size:Small-20 inchMedium-24Large-25 inch Press Instructions• Temperature: 360 F• Time: 45-60 seconds• Pressure: Light-Medium
Sublimation Printing Dog Tag Necklace...
Sublimation Printing Dog Tag Necklace Blank - 2 Sided | Custom Dog Tag Pendant | Sublimation Dog Tag | Sublimation Pet ID Take your sublimation printing business to the next...
Regular price $1.95
Regular price $1.95
Sublimation Printing Dog Tag Necklace...
Sublimation Printing Dog Tag Necklace Blank - 1 Sided | Custom Dog Tag Pendant | Sublimation Dog Tag | Sublimation Pet ID You’ll be barking up the right tree and...
$1.55 Sale Regular price - $1.71
$1.55 Sale Regular price - $1.71
Sublimation Blank Pet Retractable Leash Small...
Sublimation Blank Pet Retractable Leash Small and Large  Product Features Tangle-free 360 degrees hook movementQuick-lock and unlock featureSize: Small and LargeComes with two plastic gloss sublimation inserts Strap Length:Small-194 inchLarge-306 inch...
Sublimation Blank Pet/Dog Bandana Product...
Sublimation Blank Pet/Dog Bandana Product Features High-quality polyesterSize: 25" x 13" (63.5cm x 33cm)Machine Washable Press Instructions • Temperature: 360 F• Time: 45-60 seconds• Pressure: Light
$2.39 Sale Regular price - $3.29
$2.39 Sale Regular price - $3.29
Sublimation blank pet leash with...
Sublimation blank pet leash with clasp Product FeaturesQuick-lock and unlock feature with slide bolt spring snap swivelMade of Polyester37-inch printable area Size:4 Feet (1.2 meters) x 0.95 inch width Press Instructions•...
Regular price $6.49
Regular price $6.49

Wide Collection Of Sublimation Blanks. INNOSUB USA Fast Shipping From Los Angeles. Shop Online Now! Offering Low Prices and Support 24/7.

why pet sublimation blanks?

Sublimation pet blanks are also called sublimation pet photo blanks. They are made of high quality polyester and can be used to print photos of pets on the blank. The printing process is a special one, in which the ink is heated up and pressed onto the fabric through a screen, so that it becomes part of the fabric.

The process is known as sublimation because it uses heat to create a chemical reaction that changes one substance into another. In this case, it's converting the ink particles into gas without heating up the whole fabric. This means that your pet photo will not fade or change shape over time like some other prints do.

The sublimation process is a method of printing that can be applied to various materials.

The process is often used for printing on paper, plastic and metal. The ink is heated up until it becomes a gas and then it's transferred to the surface by way of capillary action.

ideas for pet sublimation blanks

The pet sublimation blanks are a great way to show your love for pets. The blank is made of high quality, durable materials and will last for years to come. It is also a great gift idea for people who love pets!

Pet sublimation blanks are used to create custom pet shirts, pet blankets, and other pet items. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can get them in shapes like hearts, stars, circles, or any shape that you would like.

The most popular size for pet sublimation blanks is 10 inches by 12 inches. This size is the most popular because it fits on a standard printer paper which makes it easy to print out on your home printer or at a copy shop.



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