Face Mask Instructions-Step by Step by INNOSUB USA

How to Sublimate Face Mask? It's super easy , use our setting below:  

Step 1: Print the design in mirror image and trim it in the shape of the mask.

Step 2:
 Heat Press Setting:

*Preheat the press to 180ºC / 365ºF
*Press on Medium Pressure
*Time: 60 sec
*Temp: 365 Fahrenheit

Step 3: Using a protective glove, remove the newly printed face mask from the press.
Remove the paper carefully. 

Keep in mind there could be a small difference in time between one press and another. A/B slip test will give you an accurate setting.
*For your convenience, we offer a Photoshop Template on our site :

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1. Recommend Your client to Wash before use.
2. Can be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 40ºC.
3. For greater certainty about the size of children's masks, they may be suitable for kids aged 7-8 years or older (see dimensions).

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